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          EN | 中文

          International Trade Sales

          Working place:shanghai

          Hands-on background:8-10years

          Educational requirements:NO

          Post duties

          1, through the network, telephone, exhibition and other channels to promote the company's products;
          2, to maintain the old customers, the development of new customers the greatest potential;
          3, understand the market trends, to provide information feedback for the company;

          4, to participate in the company's foreign exhibitions

          Tenure requirements

          1, college degree or above, international trade, business English and other related majors are preferred;
          2, English level four or above, with good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;
          3, familiar with the operation process of Alibaba website, with professional knowledge in the field of trade;

          4, with good business development ability and negotiation skills, a sense of responsibility and strong professionalism.

          If you have any intention, please send your resume to sp@newcellu.com

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